Almost all celebrities indulge in publicity gimmicks coz they thrive on them. But there are some, who are not-so-popular and try desperately to get NOTICED. 

In that attempt, they do something too hilarious, silly or cheap. Checkout, who did what in 2011.

1. Sensational Poonam Pandey
It all started with the Cricket world Cup 2011. India was touted to be amongst the finalists and the whole country was focusing on the game. And then comes an announcement by a certain Ms. Pandey, that she'll go nude (in the dressing room and on the ground with BCCI's permission), if team India wins the world cup. Well, that never happened.

Post that, she's done many desperate acts like posting semi-nude pics on her twitter account, posting a bathing video online and even pictures showing her cleavage (read silicones).

Sorry Poonam, Bigg Boss still didn't pick you.

2. Lesbian Mink Brar
What do you do when despite various efforts - topless photoshoot and starring in a firangi porn movie - you still don't get any attention? Simple, you turn gay or lesbian, as they put it. That's what Mink Brar did, went on record kissing another woman and declaring I'm a lesbian!

Desperate, as can be !

3. Topless Kajal Agarwal
An established Telegu star, trying to create a niche in Bollywood, Kajal Agarwal, who starred opposite Ajay Devgn in Singham, posed topless on FHM cover this year. And later, she cried hoarse saying it was morphed.

The dust hadn't yet settled on the matter, that another topless shoot of Kajal appears in Filmfare. No comments from her after that.

We'd say, jab pose kiya toh darna kya?

4. Rakhi Sawant Loves Ramdev
How could the year go by, without our controversy queen doing something? This time poor Baba Ramdev had to face embarassment at her hands. Rakhi went on record saying that she likes Ramdev and wants to marry him.

And that's not where she stopped, here's what she says - 'I'm sure he will lose his virginity when he comes face-to-face with my adaayein.'

Rakhi, please spare the baal brahmachaari at least...

5. Sayali Bhagat's Sexual Harassment
When a Miss India, fails to make it in B-Town, she goes on beating the drum saying that she'll expose the biggies of this bad industry. And in doing that, she accusses Amitabh Bachchan of sexual harassment! Can you belive it? Apart from him, at the receiving end were Sajid Khan, Shiney Ahuja and Arya Babbar.

Case of sour grapes Ms. Bhagat?

6. Veena Malik Bares All
Controversy queen of Pakistan, who has now found abode in India, is at it here too! In the most audacious acts, she goes completely naked on cover of FHM and on top of that has an ISI tatto on her arm!! Recipe of disaster or what?

Although it's the cliched claim again, It's not me. But we admire your guts woman!

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