Namitha is a busy actress these days, with several projects in Kannada and Telugu. However, she hasn't been seen much in Tamil movies, of late.

The actress, is said to be disappointed to have missed out on being part of 'Billa 2'. It may be noted that she got some good reviews in the first part of Billa. 'I did wish I was in Billa 2 at times. Being a part of Billa was good. I know that the team is different here, but it would have been nice to be part of the sequel.'

The buxom actress, who will be busy with judging a reality dance show on television and some stage performances, will begin work on a few projects in Tamil soon, if sources have to be believed.

'There are a few projects slated to take off early in February, but it is too early to talk about them,' she reportedly said.
About her being linked to a lawyer in Mumbai, she was quoted as saying: 'What lawyer? All the lawyers I know are my dad's associates, which means they’re older men. I don’t know a single young, happening lawyer. 'I'm single and would very much like to mingle.'

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